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Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Biomechanical Evaluations

On Site Clinic and Fabrication Lab

Bob Witte, Pedorthist, C.Ped (C), B.Sc.(Human Kinetics)

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On-site Fabrication

From plaster cast to finished product


Your orthotics (or orthoses) are custom-made on-site and designed with the purpose to treat your specific foot and lower limb condition. The choice of materials and how those materials are combined play an important role. As important is the proper preparation and modification of the plaster cast (or digital image)  to produce orthotics that can be worn comfortably. The objective, is to provide relief from pain, and to stabilize and support the feet.  The type of orthotics made will depend on the condition treated. You may watch this very fast and short video for a unique snapshot of our manufacturing process. Trade secrets not included.

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Did you know?


That you can have a heel spur without heel pain, and that you can have heel pain without a heel spur?  Ask us why....

Also, check out our monthly article in the local Fergus (Centre Wellington) Booster Magazine:

What is a Pedorthist?

The pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear for the purposes of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions, and providing assistance for abnormalities or limited actions of the lower limb.

What is the role of a pedorthist?

The pedorthist provides orthotic devices and footwear to assist in:

-accommdation of foot deformities

-re-alignment of anatomical structures

-redistribution of external and internal forces

-improvement of balance

-control of biomechanical function

-accommodation of circulatory special requirements

-enhancement of the actions of limbs compromised as accident, congenital deformity, neural condition or disease

Common Conditions Treated

- Plantar Fasciitis


- Metatarsalgia


- Pes Planus (Flat Feet)

-Pes Cavus (High Arches)

- Hallux Valgus and Bunions


- Arthritis

Why choose a C.Ped.(C)?

-Canadian Certified Pedorthists, C.Ped (C)

  are recognized by major Canadian insurers​.

-Canadian Certified Pedorthists are certified and    regulated through the  College of Pedorthics and  Pedorthic Association

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